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Family Medicine

At Osteopathic Healing Arts, LLC, we offer comprehensive family medical services for patients throughout Chicago. All ages and conditions are welcome for their primary care needs, both acute and chronic. Through our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, you receive comprehensive primary health care from Dr. Joseph Starkman & pay for this care through a monthly membership fee. This fee covers the primary family care services you see below & may also cover others not currently listed. We do not participate in any insurance or plans, thus being able to avoid the ever-increasing demands & costs associated with accepting insurance. This saves you money & also gives you a greater level of service, as we have more time to spend listening to and treating you & your family.

Not A Standard Doctor’s Office

Direct access means you can talk to your Chicago primary care doctor when convenient for you. Our family medicine practice focuses on providing continuing & comprehensive health care for the individual and family through a direct primary care model.

Focused On Health & Wellness

Family medicine is the foundation of good health and wellness. You need a close partnership with your doctor who focuses on improving your chances at wellness. The standard healthcare system does not always focus on wellness, and certainly does not promote individual partnership/relationships between patients and the primary physician. We strive to change this with a new approach to family medicine.

Affordable Family Care

At Osteopathic Healing Arts, we focus on direct primary care. DPC is a fast-growing model used by many family doctors and other primary care physicians aimed at delivering quality care at an affordable price. With this model, we emphasize continuing preventive care without the need for excessive paperwork, insurance, deductibles and delays. Instead, we offer an affordable monthly fee for services.

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