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Welcoming You As We Make The Change To Direct Primary Care

Evolving To Direct Primary Care

At Osteopathic Healing Arts LLC, we treat the patient as a whole and focus on finding the health in the individual, rather than the disease. On July 1st, 2016, Dr. Starkman purchased Dr. Elvove’s practice. After working for him for the last 5 years, Dr. Starkman gained an appreciation for both his patient population and practice style. It is not typical these days to find a holistic practice like Dr. Elvove’s. Much of the current medical model has become technologically driven and encounters with providers feel rushed or strained.  Dr, Elvove had a laid back approach to healthcare that remained comprehensive and attentive to patient needs. It was a natural progression for Dr. Starkman to take over.


Join Us As We Transition To Direct Primary Care

The office is transitioning to Direct Primary Care from a traditional practice model. To many, the different types of primary care offered throughout Chicagoland and the United States can be somewhat confusing. To simplify, here is quick break down of the main types of primary care practices:

Traditional: This is probably the most common practice to most. A traditional practice may see thousands of patients over the course of a year. These physicians are paid through co-pays and billing insurance companies. The administrative responsibility of a traditional practice can be very time consuming and even overwhelming to staff at times, especially given the fact that insurance plans vary in both consistency and expectations.

Direct Care: Dr. Starkman and Osteopathic Healing Arts LLC have evolved into a Direct Primary Care practice. As a patient, you pay us directly for services instead of using insurance. Even though you are paying your doctor directly in this situation for most services, it is still recommended to carry some form of insurance to cover emergency situations such as surgery, extended hospitalization and specialist visits.

Concierge: With a concierge medical practice, patients pay a membership fee to the practice in exchange for specific benefits. Some concierge practices also continue billing your insurance.  The most frequent benefit received through a concierge model is more access to your primary doctor. However, keep in mind that the patient’s costs to see a doctor through a concierge model is still significantly more than with a Direct Primary Care model.

Through a direct primary care model, you & your family pay an affordable monthly fee for service, have frequent and consistent communication with Dr. Starkman, as well as extended office visits and a personalized wellness plan, including potential integrative and osteopathic options. We encourage you to continue to browse our website for information regarding direct primary care and make use of our resources area for more information.

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